Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is not dangerous, it is a natural state of your consciousness, where, it is a state of mind which occurs many times during day.

What happens if I do not wake up from state of hypnosis?

It is always important to go with registered and experienced Hypnotherapist, so there is no fear or uncertainty.
If you go deep under your subconscious, especially if the event is very uncomfortable or stressful, if that part is done unprofessionally it can get worse.

What is the feeling being under?

State of hypnosis is giving a feeling of mental and physical relaxation, thoughts are more focused. State of hypnosis is relaxed state, state of sleeping.

In what way hypnosis is resolving problems?

Basically said the negative program which is run in your subconscious is changed into a more positive program. Clearly before the actual hypnosis the state of mind is ascertained by Hypnotherapist. So the hypnotherapist is assessing if client needs are met.

Is hypnosis for everybody?

Yes, the worse enemy is fear. Anybody can go under. Statements, like I cannot be hypnotized, can be construed as fear.

My attitude towards hypnosis is skeptical?

The basic thing is desire to change, the rest is the job of a skillful hypnotherapist.